Summer is coming

Into June and we have some Sun , hopefully it will last a while !
Everything is going well on the Smallholding and there has been lots happening.
Both our Pygmy and Guernsey billies have been busy with their stud duties and we have had good reports from owners who brought their nannies here, there have been lots of twins born this season which is good news.
There has been a bit of a change with our sheep , the Jacob ewes have been sold and we now have Black Welsh mountain sheep , they are smaller and don’t eat so much grass so are more suited to a smallholding , also they are better for training the sheepdogs.
We have had a lot of newborns recently , chicks , ducklings , turkeys , guinea fowl , golden pheasants , kittens and Guinea pigs , all are doing well , and it keeps us busy looking after them all
The animal boarding is going very well with lots of return visits from old customers , and we have also welcomed several new customers who need a good quality boarding facility for their rabbits , guinea pigs , parrots whilst they go away on holiday. Also proving popular is our chicken and duck boarding which we started recently.
The reindeer are growing their new antlers now and they look like they will be quite a bit bigger than last year. We have been re-booked at the local garden centre again , this time for all three weekends in December. We are taking bookings for weekdays throughout December and had our first inquiry from Cheltenham this week.
We also have Alpaca trekking and small holding tours booked over the next few weeks. If you know anyone who wants to do either activity if they have any spare time over a weekend or are down in The Forest on holiday then take a look at our contact details page and get in touch.
Meg and Skye are now being trained by Aaron to herd sheep, he is teaching them using the Black Welsh Mountain sheep and both are doing very well. Only having three legs doesn’t seem to have any effect on Skye and she runs around as normal and has a great time.
Aaron is also having a busy time at the moment with sheep and Alpaca shearing , he has a lot of bookings and has been as far as Pembrokeshire to shear some Alpacas. He will also be off to Reading , Northamptonshire , Malvern , and Mid Wales over the coming weeks. He has recently got his biggest contract so far at a local farm near St Briavels, where he has to shear 90 Badger faced sheep, so he is looking forward to that
Hope you all have a good Summer and look out for our next update in 3 -4 months time