Summer at Oakdean

Hello everyone , hopefully you have enjoyed a bit of summer this year , it has at least been drier and warmer for a few weeks in June and July.
Rodents rest has been in full operation now for a few months and is doing very , well, we have had lots of new customers , as well as existing customers from last year, all booking in their Guinea Pigs and rabbits for boarding whilst they go away on holiday, we have also had a Patagonian Conure to look after , and at the moment we have two Degu’s boarding with us for three months whilst their owners travel around Europe.
The Guinea Pig breeding has been going well and we have had a lot of babies , most of which have sold , but there are still some for sale,
All the baby Pygmy and Golden Guernsey goats have found new homes and the Jacob Ram lambs are fattening up well, all ready for the freezer ! The Pygmy and Guernsey Billys are now being booked out for stud duties this Autumn , and they are proving to be very popular,
Aaron has completed his Alpaca shearing course at a local farm , and has been helping out the owner , Jay with some shearing jobs. He also did a sheep shearing course at Humble by Nature (Kate Humbles farm near Monmouth). He has also now sheared our two Alpacas and five Jacob sheep. Both Aplaca fibres , and three of the Jacob fleeces have been sold to a local spinner, but we still have two fleeces left if anyone is interested.
During July and August we have started Alpaca walking , through the Forest . There are two walks that can be done , a 30 minute walk or a 1 hour walk, and when we return there is a chance to feed them. After this it is time for refreshments for everyone else. We have been out on a few walks so far which have all been very succesful
Aarons incubators have been running over the summer and we have had a lot of chicks , ducklings and Turkey poults. We are now taking orders for Christmas , so if you want a Turkey for your Christmas dinner let us know.
The reindeer are growing well, and their new antlers are looking very impressive. We have just taken the first booking for Christmas. They will be at a local garden centre for two weekends in December.