Spring at Oakdean

Our first post since Christmas , and it has been a busy time.
Bilberry , the Golden Guernsey stud has been very busy with all the nannies visiting him and we are waiting for news from all the owners of any Guernsey kids. Our own Guernsey had a lovely nanny kid who will be going to her new home in a couple of weeks. All our Pygmy goats have kidded, and all the kids have found new homes
The Jacob ewes have started lambing and so far they have had three sets of twins, all are doing well.
Everyone enjoyed their Christmas turkeys last year, and we kept back a Stag and two hens , so for this year we will be breeding our own Turkeys, which we will again sell to friends and neighbours.
Both the Pomeranian and Toulouse Geese have started laying and hopefully we will get some goslings over the next couple of months.
The first lot of eggs have gone into the incubators this year , and we are hoping to hatch Pekins and Khaki Campbell ducks. We did have some Emu eggs in the incubator , but unfortunately they all turned out not to be fertile
One of the reindeer has lost his antlers, and we are waiting for the other one to lose his , then they will get castrated , so we will avoid another rutting season , which last year ended up in a lot of very big fights (Which seemed to entertain all the school children in the primary school). We had a successful couple of weekends in December at a local garden centre in Newent with the reindeer, and they have re-booked us for all three weekends in December 2015 to be part of their grotto again, which is great news.
Bookings have started to come in for our small animal boarding , and we so far have ducks and rabbits booked in for Easter.
Meg, the Kelpie has had her first sheep herding training session in February, which went really well and she is going to Worcester soon for her next session
Look out for more news in a couple of months time, which will hopefully include chicks and ducks that have hatched