New life at Oakdean

Lots has been happening since our last post.
Rodents rest , our new animal boarding facility, which is now in full use,  has been very busy over the Easter with both old and new customers. All have been impressed with the new building. A new venture is poultry boarding and our first customer has been booked in for the end of May. We are waiting to take delivery of a new coop and run , which will be used to house up to six chickens or ducks.
We have also had lots of new arrivals , which include , three beautiful Jacob lambs. (Two ram lambs which will be reared for meat and one ewe lamb which will we will keep to add to our flock). We have also managed to get some additional grazing for the sheep at a local farm.
We have four gorgeous pygmy kids. (Twin boys and two girls). All four have been sold locally and will leave their mums at about 12 weeks old , which will be at the end of May or the beginning of June.
Our two Golden Guernsey nannies have had one boy and twin girls , which will all be for sale after weaning.
All incubators are running at full capacity and so far Aaron has hatched Pekins (Both in the incubator and under broody hens). Also in the incubators are white , and ring necked pheasants , guinea fowl, and ducks. Finally, one of our Pomeranian geese is sitting on four eggs.
Aaron has managed to find a part time job on a local goat farm , which has led to the offer of an apprenticeship which will start in September.