New editions

Since the last blog , we have had a few editions to the smallholding. A pure unregistered pygmy billy who is currently running with my nannies and is available for stud hire , contact me if interested. We have also added four registered Jacob ewes and a show quality registered ram , who we will be breeding from shortly , and is also available for stud hire. Hopefully we will have lots of lambs and kids in spring 2014.  The Turkeys are fattening up nicely for Christmas, we will miss their antics , but I won’t miss my washing being pulled off the line , or trying to pinch the guineas pigs food through their runs. Our lovely black and white cat has just given birth to her second litter of kittens (five). Sad news though , our beautiful ginger kitten (Tiger) , was unfortunately hit by a car and died , so he has been buried under our plum tree.  We have numerous baby guinea pigs and we often have them for sale. Lars and Mika , the two reindeer are getting on really well, and can often be seen being taken for a walk on their lead ropes by myself and my son. My son Aaron is a step closer to achieving his ambition of becoming a shepherd, he now has his sheep . crook , whistle , and is booked on a lambing course, the only thing he is missing is the sheepdog !