My first post

Hello everyone , and welcome to my first blog which will bring you up to date with life at Oakdean since we moved here in May 2012. I aim to post on here maybe once or twice a month. A lot has happened since we moved in so here is a brief update. So , what did we have when we moved in almost 18 months ago? From the previous owners we were left two Jacobs sheep and two Angora cross breed goats. We decided to sell these to a farmer who we know from Wotton-Under-Edge , but when it came to transporting them the sheep especially were very unruly, one decided that it didn’t want to get loaded in the trailer and proceeded to sit down in the field and wouldn’t budge, it took us and a neighbour to lift it into the trailer! With these animals gone we could start afresh. The first job to do was to replace all the fencing which had seen better days. We found Dave , who is a tree surgeon by trade , but specializes in all things to do with timber or fencing. He spent many days putting up new stock and poultry proof fencing. Once this was all complete it was time to get some animals , so Aaron , my son chose to concentrate on poultry and waterfowl. He now has a diverse selection which includes Mandarin ducks , Toulouse and Pomeranian Geese , and several pure breed of chicken (Araucana , Plymouth Rock, Pekins). I decided to concentrate on goats, and am now in the process of building up a herd of registered and unregistered pygmy goats , as well as registered and unregistered Golden Guernsey’s. On top of this we have three sheep which we will be looking to breed , two Alpaca’s (Rhod and Gilbert) who are great fox guards. Our latest edition are two Reindeer (Lars and Mika), which we are currently halter training. That very briefly brings you up to date, and look out for some news of further expansion in my next post.