Is Spring here at last?

Hello everyone….Well, it looks like the worst of the Winter is finally behind us , and like many people we suffered with the vast amount of rainfall over the Winter (Thankfully it was only our land that was affected and not our house or buildings , unlike many people , especially those on the Somerset levels.)
In order to help our land next time we have very wet weather, we have had a lot of drainage work carried out , and as of this post it is still on-going. We have had drainage put into our barn to help stop the floor from flooding. We have also had further drainage pipes installed in a couple other areas of our fields to help any excess water drain away. The stream at the bottom of our fields is proving useful for the overflow pipes to drain this excess water into. We have also had some gravel pathways built around the outside of our garden , so wheelbarrows etc can now be moved around through the garden into the fields without having to go across our lawn , which resembled an Irish Peat bog at the height of the Winter storms.
Since our last post we have also had an old garden shed knocked down (It didn’t really need a lot of knocking down , as it was rotten and was on the verge of collapsing of its own accord) and replaced by a much larger shed with a proper concrete base. This new shed (Named as ‘Rodents Rest’ by Donna) will be used for our Animal boarding.
As for the animals, all is going well. Skye , Aarons Border Collie is coming on well and is constantly getting up to no good , she likes nothing more than pushing , throwing and generally messing about with a 3 litre plastic milk bottle , and spends ages on the patio playing with them. She already has the idea of herding and can often been seen practicing on the Runner Ducks , Mini Appleyards and anything else she think needs to be penned up !! The geese have started laying and Aaron is now starting to collect Goose , chicken and duck eggs for his incubators, so the hatching season will be well under way in a few weeks time.
It looks like our Golden Guernsey and Pygmy goats are in kid , and the first Pygmy goat is due to kid at the end of March, so look out for the next update, which should hopefully include news of some new arrivals.
Enjoy the drier weather , lets hope it lasts a while , and look out for our next post with updates of Oakdean Smallholding