Autumn update

After a lovely dry and warm Summer, Autumn has now arrived. Rodents Rest has been very popular this year and has been full of customers pets all Summer, with animals still being booked in now. We now also board poultry , and can take small numbers of Chickens and Ducks.
All nanny goats have been put back in the pens with the billies and we are hoping for some kids appearing in November. Nannies have started arriving to visit our stud billies and are coming from quite long distances.
Our Jacob ram has been put back in with his ewes and has been fitted with a raddle so we can monitor when lambs will be due.
The Reindeer are nearly fully grown. With their new set of antlers , they are looking very smart. They have started their first rut , locking antlers and pushing and shoving each other , so we need to be careful when we go in the field. They are now booked in at a local garden centre for their Christmas grotto for two weekends over December , so hopefully all will go well with that.
Turkeys are fattening up well for Christmas. They are very adventurous , which includes running straight through our greenhouse and smashing the panes of glass !!
New additions to our smallholding – A breeding pair of Wallabies. Sydney and Alice arrived on Tuesday and are settling in the stable for a week or so before we let them out into the field.
Aaron has a new puppy , a 7 week old Australian Kelpie called Meg. Skye , his Collie will start her training soon. Meg will also be trained when she is older for cattle herding.