Another year over at the Smallholding.

Hello everyone, and hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas and now have a nice break until the New Year
Another year has flown by at the smallholding , and it has been very busy , with lots happening.
Firstly we start with some sad news to prove that owning and working with animals doesn’t always go to plan. Our two wallabies , who were both becoming very tame and had lovely characters have died. Sydney , the white male suddenly collapsed about three weeks ago , and the vet couldn’t save him. A quick check out by the vet afterwards and it was found he had a bad heart. Then about a week after this Alice , the brown female was attacked by something in the night and was found dead in the morning. We are not sure what it was that killed her, but we now cannot risk getting any more Wallabies in case this happens again.
Our other venture have proved somewhat more successful. This year we raised twelve Norfolk Black Turkeys, which all sold to family and locals in the village. Donna and Aaron did all the work preparing them for sale and they have gone down very well. Yesterday when we were out in the field feeding the animals , one of our neighbours shouted across the fence “Here Don , that Turkey was bl**dy beautiful”  (He has a habit of shortening everyone’s names , so Donna becomes Don and Aaron becomes Air). Anyway , it was some good customer feedback for us !!
Our two reindeer Lars and Mika (Who became Comet and Blitzen for December) , were hired out to a local garden centre for a couple of weekends before Christmas and proved a real hit. We spoke to a lot of interested parents and children who were fascinated and excited to get close to them. We didn’t do too much with them this year as we weren’t sure how they would behave, but they turned out to be fine, and the only part that was difficult was loading them into the trailer, but once we were on the move they settled down well. We are hoping to return to the garden centre in December 2015
All our goats have been getting on well , and our stud Golden Guernsey (Bilberry) , has been a busy boy with lots of nannies visiting him over the last few months. It got to the stage that every time he saw someone come down the path towards the field , he would get so excited that he would jump the gate out of his paddock ! The pygmy goats have also been doing well, and we have had two kids in November and December (One female and one male). More kids are due over the next month or so.
The small animal boarding is very popular and has been very busy this year especially during the school holidays. We currently have eleven guinea pigs and a rabbit boarding over Christmas !
If you don’t already know, we have a facebook page where you can also catch up on news , so please visit, and like our page to get updates when they happen ( )
Aarons dogs are doing well and will hopefully start their training during 2015. Skye (Border Collie), has got used to only having three legs and moves around without any problems , and can still help Aaron herd the Jacob sheep. Meg (Australian Kelpie), will hopefully be used as both a sheep and cattle dog when she is a little older
All at Oakdean wish everyone a happy new year , and we will be back in 2015 with more news from our smallholding….