Small Animal Boarding

We board: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Birds, Hamsters, Mice etc.
Both my son and I have lots of experience of looking after animals. We run a smallholding and keep sheep , chickens ducks , geese , turkeys, goats and Alpacas. I also breed Guinea Pigs.

I have an outbuilding which houses all the hutches and cages, this is very secure and is locked up at night. All animals will have access to outside sheltered runs during the day. All hutches will be supplied with clean bedding and hay. Fresh fruit and vegetables given daily. Just bring your own dried food.

They will have daily exercise outside in runs, on fresh grass. Also lots of cuddles and attention is given to each animal.

Health & Hygiene:
Hygiene is very important all hutches cleaned out between each visit. Bottles and dishes kept clean. Each animal is checked daily for any health problems.
Customer to supply own vets details.

Small Pet Boarding Prices  – Payment by Cash or Cheque (Payable to A May) on collection of animals.
Hamster/mice (bring own cage) £3 per night
Guinea Pigs £4 per night (£2 extra for each additional animal if sharing)
Rabbits £5 per night (£2 extra for each additional animal if sharing)
Parrots and other birds (bring own cage) £3 per night